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Be it known to all who enter this school that  Jesus Christ   is the reason for this school.
He is the unseen but ever present teacher in its classes.


Saints Joachim and Anne Core Values

Goodness ~ Faith ~ Excellence ~ Integrity ~ Community ~ Service
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Ss. Joachim and Anne Catholic School is
Catholic ~ Christ-centered ~ Challenging ~ Contributing

The Gospel Choir and Bishop DiMarzio at the

Waldorf Astoria


A Note From The Principal

"Sing a New Song Unto the Lord"
             Psalm 98

Dear Parents/Guardians,

     On Tuesday, October 14, 2014, the Gospel Choir sang at the Waldorf Astoria for the Futures in Education Foundation Dinner.  Forty three beautiful, happy children boarded the bus at 4:30PM to sing and praise the Lord at this most auspicious occasion.  
     We want to thank Ms. Kim Smits (a graduate and parent) for directing the Choir as well as Ms. Stella Bedell (a graduate) for her spectacular soloist performance.  Ms. L. Reid, Mrs. Cullinan and Mr. Schoolfield all shared their talents to assist the Choir and create a phenomenal experience.  We would also like to acknowledge Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio, Monsignor Jamie Gigantiello and the Futures in Education Team for their support. 
     You would have been so proud of their outstanding performance and their impeccable dress code.  I am sure you can still hear the applause!
                                                                                                                           Mrs. Freebes

October 2014

Student of the Month



Maddison Jackson

Edwin Pena


Diana Bermeo

Giscard Clersaint


Marjorie Mora-Bermeo

Cabera Stennett


Jane Borgard

Christian Point-duJour


Tahisha Borgard

Aaron Bhagwan


Angie Calero

Shayla Ward


Mereddith Rony

Anyssa Daley


Leslie Lizardo

Marvin Emile


Alishah Pierre-Louis

Mathieu Racine


Christian Cadet

Anthony Dupiton-Joseph


Shavil Rousseau

Alisha Phillip


Kevin Hudson

Jeremiah Loiseau

                    ATTENTION GRADES 7 AND 8 STUDENTS!

Thanks to the generosity of Futures in Education and The Greater Milwaukee Foundation, you will be using tablet computers this school year!  

Dancing Classrooms   2014

Dancing Classrooms - Returning This Fall



Documents - 2013 Federal Income Tax
W-2 Forms
Recent Pay Stub
Please call for an appointment

Winner of New York Yankees Hope Week

Saints Joachim and Anne ~ Faith, Academics, Service



 Full Day – Nursery - Pre-K thru Grade 8  Free Universal Pre-K
 Multi-Talented, Dedicated Faculty   Band - now offering violin in addition  to all previous instruments


 Integrated Algebra Regents Class for Grade 8          SMART Boards
       in each classroom
 Technology Lab/Laptops/Wireless Internet, Tablets for Grades 7 and 8          Spanish Program,
              Grades 5-8
  Mary Germano Higher Academic Achievement Program – Grs. 7-8
         Title I, ELL
   Guidance Counselor
 New York City Lunch Program          Clubs
 Afterschool Program ends at 6:00 PM          Art Program
 Breakfast Program begins at 7:00 AM
         Gospel Choir

         Full Time Nurse

All Children Who Attend SsJA
MUST be fully immunized in all grades.
Please complete any missing immunizations.
A Medical Form can be found under the
Registration Tab - Medical Form.


Saints Joachim & Anne School
 Providing Quality Catholic Education in the Tradition of the Sisters of Notre DeNamur since 1924.

Hand in Hand Through Christ

Catholic Alumni Partnership
It is imperative that we support Catholic Education.The Catholic Alumni Partnership is a new project, aimed at helping Catholic elementary schools reconnect with their alumni. Please join the Catholic Alumni Partnership at www.clickyes.com and help secure the future of Catholic education. Please act now by “Clicking Yes!”.
Together we can create a new future for the schools that helped us realize our own. Sign-up today!
Thursday, December 18
Pizza Day
Friday, December 19
Christmas Concert
In Church
All Class are Performing
Tickets Sold at School
Sunday, December 21
4th Sunday of Advent
Tuesday, December 23
12:00 Dismissal
Christmas Recess Begins at Dismissal

School Opens on the 5th of January
Wednesday, December 24
Christmas Eve

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