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Be it known to all who enter this school that  Jesus Christ   is the reason for this school.
He is the unseen but ever present teacher in its classes.


Saints Joachim and Anne Core Values

Goodness ~ Faith ~ Excellence ~ Integrity ~ Community ~ Service
--  --  --  --  --  --  --  --  --  --  --  --  --  --  --  --  --  --  --  --  -- 

Ss. Joachim and Anne Catholic School is
Catholic ~ Christ-centered ~ Challenging ~ Contributing

All Children Who Attend SsJA
MUST be fully immunized in all grades.
Please complete any missing immunizations
during the Easter break.
A Medical Form can be found under the
Registration Tab - Medical Form.


Student of the Month
March ~ Academics
Grs. 6-8

Ashley Onyeabor            Paran Kaur Vaivao
Saaid Browning              Jomarie Almeus
Andre Castro                  Isaac Rivera
Elisee Point duJour        Jessica Eastwood
Stellah Bedell                 Ijeoma Nnadi
Harold Reinoso              Aaron McKnight

Student of the Month
March ~ Academics
Grades 3- 5

Kasmira Jeannot       Junie Cetoute
Phinehas Reid          Yamile Rene
Ayanna LaFargue      Tahisha Borgard
Claire Jean-Louis       Donovan Diggs
Lauren Hedge           Christophania Ulysse
Philisha Mortel          Kayla Norman

The Premier Catholic Education in Queens

Student of the Month
February ~ School Spirit

Jaslyn Lizardo                Ava Greenidge
Christy Justilien              Darin Roman
Markayla Gordon            Mekyel Henry
Danielle Point duJour      Nathaniel Salomon
        Thalia Chery                  Francis Hymenes
                Casim Funn                  Carlos Pacheco Zelaya
     Shaiyan Bell                  Cassidy Pierre
Callysta Parisien            Izrael Espinel
Kevin Hudson            David Louis
   Jeremiah Loiseau         Anaelle Laporte
    Adassa Henry              Shamiah Walker
         Jazmine Burgess           Satchel Bunsh-Wimberly

L-EPAC Spelling Bee Contest
April 7, 2014
Carla Paul - Trophy Winner

Congratulations to all SsJA Participants!
Carla Paul, 5-1
Kayla Norman, 5-2
Frantz Bleus, 6-1
Kayla Matapersad, 6-2

Dancing Classrooms   2014

Congratulations  Class of 2014

High School Scholarship Winners


*Venus Nnadi - Archbishop Molloy   Full 4 year scholarship


*Arielle Avril - Christ the King


*Stella Bedell - St. Agnes


*Jae Escarfuller - Bishop Loughlin


*Leothar Francois - Bishop Loughlin


*Satchel Bunch-Wimberly - Student School Partner Scholarship



St. Rose of Lima Catholic Academy sent the following thank you letter to SsJA for the donation made to their school due to Sandy. In addition, their Pre-Kindergarten class made a poster that is displayed in the main hall.

    ....As we celebrated Catholic Schools Week this year, we had a special day reminding our children what it means "to serve." We had a special dress down day called "Pay It Forward" and our students made Valentines for you and your children who went out of your way to help us last year after "the storm".

    God is good; out of such a devasting occurrence, we felt the love of God through your generosity and friendship. Enjoy and God continue to bless you for your "service" to others.

In the peace of Christ through Mary,
Theresa Andersen, Principal

                 In Memory of
       Sister Mary Suplee, SND,
Former Principal of SsJA School

    Saints Joachim and Anne School
      Mourns the Passing of 
      Mrs. Sarita Robinson
                 Title 1 Teacher



Tours Always Available

Winner of New York Yankees Hope Week

Saints Joachim and Anne ~ Faith, Academics, Service


 Full Day – Nursery - Pre-K thru Grade 8          Free Universal Pre-K
 Multi-Talented, Dedicated Faculty          Band
 Integrated Algebra Regents Class for Grade 8          SMART Boards in each classroom
 Technology Lab/Laptops/Wireless Internet          Spanish Program, Grades 5-8
  Mary Germano Higher Academic Achievement Program – Grs. 7-8
         Title I, ELL Guidance Counselor
 New York City Lunch Program          Clubs
 Afterschool Program ends at 6:00 PM          Art Program
 Breakfast Program begins at 7:00 AM
         Gospel Choir

         Full Time Nurse

Ss. Joachim and Anne School
Thanks the New York Yankees

for being selected as a
HOPE honoree July 2011.
Thank you for all the magical memories.

A special thank you to Maureen Kavanaugh, Michael Margolis, Jason Zillo, Jason Latimer, and the Steinbrenner Foundation.

Click here to view the Yes Network video of the students' day with the Yankees.

Click here to view the CNN video of the students' day with the Yankees.

Catholic Alumni Partnership
It is imperative that we support Catholic Education.The Catholic Alumni Partnership is a new project, aimed at helping Catholic elementary schools reconnect with their alumni. Please join the Catholic Alumni Partnership at www.clickyes.com and help secure the future of Catholic education. Please act now by “Clicking Yes!”.
Together we can create a new future for the schools that helped us realize our own. Sign-up today!

Saints Joachim & Anne School
 Providing Quality Catholic Education in the Tradition of the Sisters of Notre DeNamur since 1924.

Hand in Hand Through Christ

From the Principal

On Friday, February 7, 2014 Ss. Joachim and Anne School will honor the memory of Sister Mary Suplee, SND,  former Principal (1973 - 1990), at the 9 o'clock Mass at SsJA Church.
Sister Mary dedicated her life to Catholic education throughout the years of her ministry. Her accomplishments were known and respected by her colleagues.
As an administrator of the Ss. Joachim and Anne School Community she exhibited a dynamic guiding force as she ministered to the multifaceted needs of her student population. In 1990, she was the recipient of the National Catholic Educator Distinguished Principal Award.
We thank her for being a gift to us. We will miss her wisdon, knowledge, faith and service.
Sister Mary wrote, "I think that God molds me through the people and events of my life. I believe that God is at the center of all things - in a quiet, elusive way - and I believe that I shall come to know God fully."
We are sure that God has said, "Please come, my good and faithful servant and enjoy your heavenly reward".
Thank you Sister Mary.
Sincerely in Christ,
Mrs. Linda Freebes

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